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Catself on Amsterdam Boat Sessions – new songs and videos! September shows in the Netherlands

Posted at: 2018-08-30 13:13:21
In July, Catself performed for Amsterdam Boat Sessions, a growing video channel that features artists playing their original songs on a boat travelling around Amsterdam. The session, which includes The Missing Song and three new songs which had not been online before, has just gone online! Welcome to enjoy the videos below.

Crows Must Eat

Links to individual videos:

Amsterdam Boat Sessions supports the non-profit organisation Plastic Whale, which works on removing plastic from waters. As the channel grows, all ad revenue will be used to support Plastic Whale. Welcome to share the videos, and you can help the channel by subscribing:

Amsterdam Boat Sessions video channel

Catself will play two shows in the Netherlands in early September. On Thursday 6th September she will again perform at Le petit théâtre and the Sugar Shack in Groningen. On the next day she will play at Permanent Beta Festival. More information on the Shows page – please keep an eye on it because more dates may be added.

We hope you will enjoy the new special videos! Please feel free to leave comments on YouTube.


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Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In in Spanish programme La Libélula on Spanish Radio 3

Posted at: 2018-07-26 14:20:01
Catself’s Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In, recorded with Saint Nicholas Orchestra, has been played on Spanish Radio 3, in the music and literature programme La Libélula. You can listen to the show online or download it, link below:

Catself is just travelling back from the Netherlands to Finland, where she will perform in August. On 7th September, she will be back in the Netherlands to perform at Permanent Beta Festival. She is looking for more shows around that date.


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You can order a Catself shopping bag! Concerts in the Netherlands

Posted at: 2018-06-15 14:58:35
For the first time, apart from the songs which are available on Bandcamp, there is some Catself merchandise!

You can order an ecological Catself shopping bag with a quote from one of her most popular songs. The bag is made of cotton and will last you for a long time.

Only today (Friday 15 June) there is a special offer price: 12 euro plus postage, including VAT. Starting tomorrow, the price is 16 euro plus postage.

To order: send an email to with your address and tell how many bags you would like to buy. We will reply to tell you the postage costs. After that you can make a payment by PayPal to or by bank transfer.

Catself is now in the Netherlands. Tomorrow afternoon she will perform in Bergum and on 21 June she will play a concert at Le petit théâtre & the Sugar Shack in Groningen. On 30 June she will play at Rumbling Earth festival, also in Groningen. Please look up the Shows page for more dates and updates.


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Catself at Zaal 100, Amsterdam

Posted at: 2018-01-31 16:33:42
On Friday 2 February at 8 pm Catself will perform at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam (the restaurant room). The room has an acoustic piano, so apart from the songs with the western and classical guitar accompaniment expect also a few piano songs (like the hitchhiking song and the mermaids!) played this time on an acoustic instrument.

Before Catself’s concert you can enjoy a three-course organic vegan dinner (9 €). Friday will be the last day of the three-day vegan food festival. To enjoy the dinner, please arrive before 8 pm.

There are no tickets, but the event is based on cash donations. Please bring some cash with you.

Event on Facebook:


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