Catself is remembered by her audiences for her unusual but catchy melodies, clever lyrics and the atmosphere she creates, where fairytale meets energy and humour. Her songs move both between genres and between moods and themes. Thanks to this variety in her music, Catself can be seen performing in very different venues, from art cafés and galleries to rock clubs, where she often appears next to hard rock, punk, metal and gothic bands.

Before focusing full time on music, Catself worked in various occupations: English teacher (she holds a Master’s degree in English), classroom assistant, waitress, berrypicker, dog handler (a poor one) and nature guide in the Arctic. All these experiences and travels gave her a wealth of ideas for songs, but her other most important source of inspiration is the natural world with all its perfect creatures, plants and falling asteroids.

Catself started gaining an international following in late 2008, after she posted her first home studio recordings online. Soon they were played in various radio programmes, including BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson, a number of new music programmes in the Netherlands and a folk music show in Australia. In early 2009, Catself was invited to perform at a youth festival in Morocco after the organisers found her music online. During the same year, Catself was interviewed for the Swedish-speaking youth-oriented channel of Finnish National Radio, Radio X3M, and a 45-min documentary about her start in music was made for the Finnish Swedish-speaking TV channel YLE FST5.

In 2011 Catself raised € 40 000 online to record her debut album, becoming the first Finnish artist to succeed at crowdfunding. The album was recorded in Preisner Studio in Poland, by one of Poland’s top sound engineers, Tadeusz Mieczkowski, with the accompaniment of Poland’s iconic folk band, Saint Nicholas Orchestra. The album work is completed, however, problems of the crowdfunding company and its bankruptcy (while they still owed Catself a large part of her funds) have been delaying the album’s release. Catself is seeking a record label to work with.

Catself tours regularly. She has performed at a number of festivals, including The Sun Festival in Morocco, Mikołajki Folkowe in Poland, Faces Festival in Finland, The Great Escape Festival (The Alternative Escape) in Brighton, UK. The highlight of 2016 was her performance at Playtime Festival, the biggest music festival in Mongolia.

Past shows

In a world of sound-alike music, Catself is producing unique songs that don't always go where you might expect, and that's a very good thing. The fact she can do so with the result being memorable and capable of repeated listening is the sign of a rare talent.
Michael Hunter
music journalist and radio host, Adelaide, Australia

Catself's style is quite different from the rest in the genre. No love songs or (love) sadness and other clichés, but songs about nature, dreams, mermaids, hitchhiking in Spain, fishing and fishermen, drunken Finns, runaway cats, hit deer, bunnies struck by the lightning and the Apocalypse. All this accompanied by herself on guitar, which was for the second set exchanged for a piano. She kept the audience breathless and captivated till the end.
Yvo Broekhoven
music programmer and promoter at Pekelpop, the Netherlands

A really original sound, utterly different to anything I’ve heard for a long time.
Nordic Music Review, UK

Wow, a blast of fresh air, energy, intelligence, and musicality to spare. Agnieszka is clearly worthy of your attention. I'm impressed.
Ray Baisden

The honesty in her music is so compelling it makes you want to follow her. Beautiful, light and somehow sensual.
Jacomo Williams

Catself is one of the most professional singers that I ever met. A real stage personality, always prepared, with catchy songs, a beautiful, somewhat Celtic voice and great guitar and piano skills. She is a singer-songwriter who always brings a good atmosphere to the places where she performs. She has the right attitude towards the music and the audience. Being an artist is top sport, and Catself knows that!
Petra de Winter
vocalist, songwriter and manager of the band Chabliz

Great songs, beautiful voice, such a talented lady: Poland's gift to Finland's music world!!!
Ossi Tikkanen

Catself has the ability to make music that is both very original and nice to listen to. That was my first thought when I listened to her music for the first time and I still love listening to it. The lyrics are also original but what is the most important for me is Catself's original and catchy melodies, arrangements and voice. I am sure that also listeners who are normally more into the mainstream kind of sound will enjoy her songs.
Johan Jongerius
radio host and founder of

After ignoring sellaband for some months, I stumbled somehow onto Catself. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. It's different from everything, and it's good. Really good. I can barely wait for her to reach $50K.
Minus (Rosy)

Admirably fierce, uncompromising, intelligent, deep, radiant & with generosity of spirit. Listen to everything she does & watch her blossom & bloom.

Catself has music as interesting and unique as her name is. Her music reminds me of a nouveau-celtic sound. Her guitar style is clean and soothing. Her voice fit her unique style of music quite nicely. Have a listen.
Clive Barratt