Catself raised funds for her debut album on the fan-funding site SellaBand. The album is ready. The bankruptcy of the crowdfunding site while they still owed Catself a large part of the funds has been an obstacle in releasing it. The album includes songs Catself recorded with the accompaniment of Polish folk band Saint Nicholas Orchestra and a couple of solo songs.


Some Berries was a collection of the first recordings of Catself (2008 – 2009) which was sold at concerts. It is now sold out.

Some Berries

For radio: if you would like to play Catself in your programme, email Catself for a high quality MP3 or WAV.

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Below a small selection of songs by Catself. You can listen to and buy more songs on her Bandcamp page here.


A Shield

Waiting Room

Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In

The Journey of All Perfect Creatures

Consolation Asteroid

Catself YouTube Channel

"I turn a white cloud into a cat. Then I turn the cat into a friend."