In 2011, Catself completed raising funds for her debut album on the fan-funding site SellaBand. The work on the album has been completed. The album, which is to be released soon, includes songs Catself recorded with the accompaniment of Polish folk band Saint Nicholas Orchestra and a couple of solo songs.


Some Berries was a collection of the first recordings of Catself (2008 – 2009) which was sold at concerts. It is now sold out.

Some Berries

For radio: if you would like to play Catself in your programme, email Catself for a high quality MP3 or WAV.

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Below a small selection of songs by Catself. You can listen to and buy more songs on her Bandcamp page here.


A Shield

Waiting Room

Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In

The Journey of All Perfect Creatures

Consolation Asteroid

Catself YouTube Channel

"Without music there's no magic, even when you're Harry Potter."

To Be Harry Potter