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Posted at: :2018-09-08 20:18:24
Name:Peter Heukels
Comment:Hello Cat,
Today was a normal day for me,working at Miller&Monroe shop in Boxmeer.
But there was a plesant surprice, Catself is comming to play today.
I was impressed of your voice and lyrics, also your gitar play.
Thank You for playing, and I hope to see and hear you again in October this year!
Peter Heukels.

Posted at: :2018-02-17 22:36:59
Name:Bas van der Ham
Comment:I know the Cat for a few years now and I've seen quite a few concerts. The lyrics and the guitar, quite unique, the Cat is the Cat.
But well, I havent seen you and your concerts for a long time now, I can only listen, the best is to go there folks!

Posted at: :2017-09-18 18:28:24
Comment:It was nice to meet you yesterday at the album release show of Chabliz. Besides musical talent you've also got the gift to charm the audience with your insights between songs, which really resonated with me. When will your album be released?

Posted at: :2016-07-14 00:17:01
Comment:Hallo. I Likud your performance verf welk. The SOUND of your voice is very soft and a littlebit mysterious. I will think about your mermate-song when we travel from Rostock to Trelleborg on our vacation.☺

Posted at: :2016-05-22 01:33:38
Name:michael k
Comment:saw you tonight at the snug in Bristol and will be buying your album. unique and mesmerising.

Posted at: :2016-04-20 10:25:46
Name:Petra de Winter
Comment:Catself is one of the most professional singers that I ever met. A real stage personality, always prepared, with catchy songs, a beautiful , somewhat Celtic voice and great guitar and piano skills. She is a singer-songwriter who alwats brings a good atmosphere to the places where she performs. She has the right attitude towards the music and the audience. Being an artist is topsport, and Catself knows that !

Posted at: :2012-08-20 12:25:44
Comment:Hey Cat!
Thank you for a great sundayafternoon with Ophelia Syndrome and Carved in Gold @ Buescafé Apeldoorn. :)

Posted at: :2012-03-18 15:34:50
Comment:Hi Cat! I just wanted to thank one more time for the gig at Brooklyn Cafe. It really was mesmerizing, unique and capturing. Foot on the Brake became my instant favourite. But you take your foot off the brake and rocket into stardom. All the best to you. Love, Timo.

Posted at: :2012-02-18 00:24:45
Comment:Cześć Agnieszko! I saw your photo in the Lublin section of Gazeta Wyborcza, thought "I recognise that face" read more and... It's the Agnieszka I briefly shared a class and the occasional beer with in EuroText! Good luck with life as a musician.

Posted at: :2011-12-14 01:36:59
Comment:Nothing short of awsome!!

Posted at: :2011-11-25 22:21:09
Comment:Hi! Happened to see your show on Kirjasto 10 today. A really pleasant surprise! If you ever need help with eg.album cover art, let me know!

Posted at: :2011-10-23 12:19:52
Comment:hi, love your show yesterday mucho mucho ;;P

Posted at: :2011-04-08 17:27:13
Name:Heikki Keskiväli
Comment:Hi Catself! I was at the Cuba! -club yesterday and your gig was truly capturing and genuine. I was the one who bought the CD 'Some Berries' outside the club but unfortunately when I tried to play the audio on the CD, none of my three computers didn't find any tracks on it. Was really looking forward to it!
Reply:We are very sorry about that. We have never heard of this happening before. The CDs were all verified after burning but some strange error must have occured on this one. I will send you an email with links to download the tracks as WAV files.


Posted at: :2011-02-13 18:16:14
Comment:Ahhh!! Thank-you!! It seems great minds think alike!! ;)

Posted at: :2011-02-11 12:38:13
Comment:10 years ago,catself was a Chinese website which gave me so many valuable memories and.......ehhhh, good luck && have fun~

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