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A Shield

New song: Crows Must Eat

Posted at: 2020-06-27 18:36:47
My new recording, Crows Must Eat, is already available on Bandcamp.

I wrote this song earlier but finished the recording now, during the pandemic. It is a story about crows. Or it can be a call for peace. Because after a fierce battle, only the crows are the true winners.

The song was immediately played in W Pół Rocku radio show in Poland and on Roots and Branches on Three D Radio in Adelaide, Australia. More airplay is coming. Big thanks for the support and also to everyone who has bought, or will buy the song.

* As usual, Catself's Album Funders who supported the still unreleased album of Catself can download the song from their special download page. The login details are the same as last time. If you don’t have them any more, please get in touch.

Catself performing Crows Must Eat at Amsterdam Boat Sessions


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Catself's style is quite different from the rest in the genre. No love songs or (love) sadness and other clichés, but songs about nature, dreams, mermaids, hitchhiking in Spain, fishing and fishermen, drunken Finns, runaway cats, hit deer, bunnies struck by the lightning and the Apocalypse. All this accompanied by herself on guitar, which was for the second set exchanged for a piano. She kept the audience breathless and captivated till the end.

Yvo Broekhoven

music programmer and promoter at Pekelpop, the Netherlands