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Catself Finland two-er!

Posted at: 2020-02-12 14:04:39

At the end of this week, Catself will perform in Finland twice. On Friday 14th February she will play a Valentine's Day / Friends' Day concert at Katubaari Axu in Tampere. On Saturday you can see her in Helsinki at Bar U2, where she will share the stage with Helsinki band Craven Melodies. The Helsinki show is organised by Round Management.

More information on the Shows page. You can also RSVP (and invite friends!) in the events on Facebook:



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In a world of sound-alike music, Catself is producing unique songs that don't always go where you might expect, and that's a very good thing. The fact she can do so with the result being memorable and capable of repeated listening is the sign of a rare talent.

Michael Hunter

music journalist and radio host, Adelaide, Australia