Amsterdam Boat Sessions, July 2018
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Dec 09 2017Miller & Monroe, Geldrop, the Netherlands
Dec 02 2017Miller & Monroe, Barneveld, the Netherlands
Dec 02 2017ADM Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Nov 26 2017DOT Groningen, Groningen, the Netherlands
Nov 25 2017Miller & Monroe, Hoensbroek, the Netherlands
Nov 24 2017RTV Aktueel, Radio RTV1, the Netherlands
Nov 18 2017Miller & Monroe, Oldenzaal, the Netherlands
Nov 11 2017Miller & Monroe, Tilburg, the Netherlands
Sep 17 2017De Regentenkamer, The Hague, the Netherlands
Sep 01 2017Private concert, Hoogkerk, the Netherlands
Jul 15 2017Hendrik de Vriesplatsoen, Groningen, the Netherlands
Dec 17 2016New Orleans Jazz Cafe, Groningen, the Netherlands
Dec 10 2016International Human Rights Day celebration - Podium De Spieghel, Groningen, the Netherlands
Nov 27 2016Pekelpop, Oude Pekela, the Netherlands
Nov 18 2016Cultureel Podium Onderdendam, Groningen, the Netherlands
Aug 27 201660th anniversary party of Liesjärvi National Park, Korteniemi, Tammela, Finland
Aug 02 2016Private concert, Groningen, the Netherlands
Jul 13 2016Beelden In Gees, Gees, the Netherlands
Jul 02 2016Cultureel Buitenfestival Oord, Bospodium - Forest Stage, Emmeloord, the Netherlands
Jul 02 2016Cultureel Buitenfestival Oord, De Kom - Main Stage, Emmeloord, the Netherlands
Jun 26 2016Playtime Festival, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
May 28 2016The Blank Generation, T.Chances, London, United Kingdom
May 21 2016Snug, Bristol, United Kingdom
May 20 2016T.Chances, London, United Kingdom
May 13 2016Global Café, Reading, United Kingdom
May 01 2016Gminny Ośrodek Kultury, Zaklików, Poland
Feb 20 2016Soundgeist Helsinki / Elmun Baari, Helsinki, Finland
Dec 12 2015Kerstmarkt Damsterplein, Groningen, the Netherlands
Nov 20 2015Let's Gro headquarters, Groningen, the Netherlands
Nov 13 2015Video Release, All around the World, Online, Worldwide
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Catself is one of the most professional singers that I ever met. A real stage personality, always prepared, with catchy songs, a beautiful, somewhat Celtic voice and great guitar and piano skills. She is a singer-songwriter who always brings a good atmosphere to the places where she performs. She has the right attitude towards the music and the audience. Being an artist is top sport, and Catself knows that!

Petra de Winter

vocalist, songwriter and manager of the band Chabliz