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A Shield

Koncert Catself (duo) w Andledon, Den Andel, NL

Posted at: 2020-08-27 15:26:46
Jeszcze są dostępne bilety na jutrzejszy concert Catself w Andledon w Den Andel. Chętnych prosimy o zarezerwowanie miejsca ( Liczba biletów jest ograniczona ze względu na konieczność zachowania bezpiecznego dystansu w teatrze.


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Catself has the ability to make music that is both very original and nice to listen to. That was my first thought when I listened to her music for the first time and I still love listening to it. The lyrics are also original but what is the most important for me is Catself's original and catchy melodies, arrangements and voice. I am sure that also listeners who are normally more into the mainstream kind of sound will enjoy her songs.

Johan Jongerius

radio host and founder of