Amsterdam Boat Sessions, July 2018
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12.12 2015Kerstmarkt Damsterplein, Groningen, Holandia
20.11 2015Let's Gro headquarters, Groningen, Holandia
13.11 2015Teledysk, Na całym świecie, internet, Worldwide
11.09 2015Vrijplaats Leiden, Leiden, Holandia
08.07 2015Beeldentuin Gees, Gees, Holandia
05.07 2015Picnic in the Park, Assen, Holandia
04.07 2015Helden Van De Zomer Festival, Groningen, Holandia
21.06 2015Live at Clay, Het Paleis, Groningen, Holandia
19.06 2015Café de Pels, Groningen, Holandia
10.06 2015Hanzehogeschool, Groningen, Holandia
30.05 2015The Water Rats, London, Wielka Brytania
29.05 2015Folk at the Victory, Hereford, Wielka Brytania
24.05 2015Tchai Ovna House of Tea, Glasgow, Wielka Brytania
19.05 2015The Macbeth, London, Wielka Brytania
16.05 2015The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, Wielka Brytania
15.05 2015The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, Wielka Brytania
15.05 2015The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, Wielka Brytania
14.05 2015Cross Keys, High Wycombe, Marlow, Wielka Brytania
09.05 2015Bluescafé, Apeldoorn, Holandia
02.05 2015Prywatny występ, Glasgow, Scotland, Wielka Brytania
23.11 2014Brasserie het Paleis, Groningen, Holandia
22.11 2014Let's Gro Festival, Groningen, Holandia
07.11 2014Café 't Makerijtje, Zaandam, Holandia
01.11 2014Blanko, Emmen, Holandia
18.10 2014Pekelpop, Oude Pekela, Holandia
12.07 2014Blanko (Pop'Em), Emmen, Holandia
11.07 2014Taribush Kuna Festival, Buffel, Dwingeloo, Holandia
05.07 2014Cultureel Buitenfestival Oord, Emmeloord, Holandia
29.06 2014Cultureel Café de Amer, Amen, Holandia
28.06 2014Muzee Scheveningen (THISSFest), The Hague, Holandia
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CATSELF koncerty

Catself has the ability to make music that is both very original and nice to listen to. That was my first thought when I listened to her music for the first time and I still love listening to it. The lyrics are also original but what is the most important for me is Catself's original and catchy melodies, arrangements and voice. I am sure that also listeners who are normally more into the mainstream kind of sound will enjoy her songs.

Johan Jongerius

radio host and founder of