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A Shield

Catself duo konsertti Andledonissa, Den Andel, Alankomaat

Kirjoitettu: 2020-08-27 15:26:46
Vielä on lippuja saatavilla Catself duo konserttiin Andledonissa huomenna. Varauksen voi tehdä lähettämällä sähköpostin osoitteeseen Paikat ovat rajoitetut mahdollistaakseen turvavälit teatterissa.



Catself is one of the most professional singers that I ever met. A real stage personality, always prepared, with catchy songs, a beautiful, somewhat Celtic voice and great guitar and piano skills. She is a singer-songwriter who always brings a good atmosphere to the places where she performs. She has the right attitude towards the music and the audience. Being an artist is top sport, and Catself knows that!

Petra de Winter

vocalist, songwriter and manager of the band Chabliz