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A Shield

Catself Liesjärven kansallispuiston 60-vuotisjuhlassa

Kirjoitettu: 2016-08-26 19:03:10
Huomenna, lauantaina 27. elokuuta, Catself esiintyy Liesjärven kansallispuiston 60-vuotisjuhlassa. Catself esittää noin 45 minuutin setin klo 16:00 alkaen, ennen avajaispuhetta.

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Catself's style is quite different from the rest in the genre. No love songs or (love) sadness and other clichés, but songs about nature, dreams, mermaids, hitchhiking in Spain, fishing and fishermen, drunken Finns, runaway cats, hit deer, bunnies struck by the lightning and the Apocalypse. All this accompanied by herself on guitar, which was for the second set exchanged for a piano. She kept the audience breathless and captivated till the end.

Yvo Broekhoven

music programmer and promoter at Pekelpop, the Netherlands