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A Shield

Album and gig news

Posted at: 2014-02-13 13:05:15
A little good news...

• The album is already mastered!
• The cover artwork is also finished.

It was not easy to find the right order for the songs, it was like a puzzle, but I found the right one. The album is mastered and the artwork is also done and it looks beautiful. I am very happy with it. Just like with many other things about this album, it took some thought to decide on the right cover, but once we did, it was perfect.

If you are my believer on SellaBand, please have a look at my latest blog there. Soon you get an important email update from me.

Gig news: I am playing in Porvoon Paahtimo, Porvoo this Sunday! You can find the details on my Shows page. On March 6th, I will play in Helsinki at Vasen linja at Café Mascot. In the first days of April, I will, like every spring, begin my journey to the Netherlands. I know the first dates already... they will be posted soon!


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Catself has the ability to make music that is both very original and nice to listen to. That was my first thought when I listened to her music for the first time and I still love listening to it. The lyrics are also original but what is the most important for me is Catself's original and catchy melodies, arrangements and voice. I am sure that also listeners who are normally more into the mainstream kind of sound will enjoy her songs.

Johan Jongerius

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